Access Ramp

For easy and convenient logistics of C-200 containers.

Crusher cartridge

Crusher cartridge for DT-500MC & DT-1500MC

Container insert

Flat bottom insert for C-200 container


Delitek supply certified, custom-made consumables for all container models in our product range. Big bag’s for the C-200,500 and 1500 containers and heavy-duty plastic bags for the C-200 Container. Delitek also supply strapping bands for our balers.


Delitek stainless steel containers are manufactured by Delitek in our own production plant. The ability to interchange the containers between the different units in each series is what truly makes the “Greenship” waste handling system so versatile. Capacity will be virtually unlimited and enabling source segregation of different waste fractions. The associated optional framework for storing the containers completes the waste handling system into a safe, solid & effective solution. Our “low cost” models are equipped with EUR standard 190L “Wheelie bin”.


Spare parts for the Delitek waste handling products are in stock at our factory for immediate supply to our customers. Please refer to spare part numbers in the user manual for your product.


The Greenship waste handling system can be complemented with a framework arrangement, for storing and securing the containers. The framework completes the waste handling system into a safe, solid & effective solution.