DT-200 series system

The DT200series “Greenship” waste handling system is our smallest system, consisting of an optional combination of products from our DT200 product portfolio.

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For example;

The DT-200MC waste compactor, DT-230SR shredder & DT-200GC glass crusher will all work perfectly alone, but a combination of these three machines will give a unique and flexible system for waste handling onboard vessels and offshore installations. Such combination will enable further compaction of the shredded & crushed material, because the DT-200MC, DT-230SR & DT-200GC make use of the very same C-200 container with 0,2m3 capacity & HD plastic bag solution (big bags also available).  The wheeled C-200 waste container can in other words be interchanged between the waste compactor, shredder and glass crusher! The result is an extreme volume reduction of different waste materials such as steel drums, plastic drums, tins, paint buckets, cardboard, paper, plastic materials, wood crating, soda cans, PE soda bottles etc. compared to common methods.

Please note that we can perform waste-capacity-calculations in order to find the most suitable “Greenship” waste handling system for your application!