MORTIM - Containerized waste management station

MORTIM has been developed and designed for waste handling of larger amounts of solid waste in the Marine and Offshore Industries.

Key Features of MORTIM:

Get it on board when needed.

Reduce waste volume by more than 80%.

Various Sizes available from 20ft to 40ft

Fully insulated

Access ramps

Equipped with high performance
stainless steel compactors, shredders,
glass crushers and others.



Different storage solutions



Fire Fighting solutions

Various interfaces

Oil Filter and Oil Can crushers
and other waste handling equipment




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Vessels whith a high number of crew and long voyage times such as Offshore Installations, Vessel, Offshore Construction Vessels, Windmill Installation Vessels, Various Platforms and many others have to be flexible in order to follow the new MARPOL Annex 5 / IMO MEPC 201 (62) regulations for waste handling on board vessels coming into force in January 2013. To arrange waste handling and storage inside existing vessels is often an expensive solution or simply not possible since no space is available.

This is where MORTIM can be the right solution.

MORTIM, a joint development of Delitek AS and MOE GMBH.