Eco Depo system

The “Eco Depo” system is a light weight and easy to deploy handling system for source segregation. It consists of a simple frame for mounting of waste bags with a colored lid on top. 

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Lid and bags in colour assorted modulear system for Collection of Waste and segregation of waste. The frame can be mounted directly to a wall, but a stand is also available. With the use of colour coded lids, various waste streams can be simply and easily managed. The system is complemented with bio-degradable, color assorted, bags (Se Picture above for available colours).


Technical specifications – Lid and rack


(W x D x H) 380mm x 345mm x 935mm

Available colours

See pictures above


Technical specifications – Bags


115 litre / 15 kg


50 my


4-5 yrs.

Available colours

See pictures above